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Habitat for Humanity Revisited

Posted: March 18, 2013 in Sports

Last year, my first-ever blog detailed my adventure with a prospective homeowner at the Habitat For Humanity building site in Coatesville, PA. Below is follow-up to that blog, one of my favorites. (

I was photo 2rudely awakened one Saturday morning — after a night of basketball and video games at a friend’s house — to the annoying sound of my cell phone. I don’t remember if it was my Mom or Dad on the phone. I was tired, dazed and confusbut I remember them saying I needed to come home right away to go to a dedication ceremony at the Habitat for Humanity work site in Coatesville, PA. That’s the place where I contributed to the building of a house last March.

It was pretty much just a big thank you from the people who now own and are living in the houses that are finally finished. I saw the house I was working on last year and it had gone from just a foundation with a few walls to a beautiful, completed home. After all of the thanks given to everyone involved and a beautiful prayer by the father of one of the owners who is a minister, they turned over the keys to the new homeowners. A couple of the new residents cried during their thank you and I know my Mom got a little choked up, too. (She’s like that.)

During the ceremony, I spotted my old friend from that day in March, Lawrence Beckett. He’s the one who left to go to the Chester vs. Coatesville basketball game without me! Not that he was obligated to take me. He didn’t even know how much my heart ached to go with him because if he had, I know now he would have taken me. (He’s like that.)

He didn’t even know my name back then. I’m still a little sour about the whole thing, but after the ceremony now I really do get the importance of following through on your commitments and the need to help one another. It was great to see Lawrence so happy. I talked to him for a while about that game and I found out that Coatesville’s point guard, Andre Boggs, is his nephew. Boggs is also a hot shot running back for the Coatesville football team in addition to being a key player for the basketball team so he’s a great source of pride for the Beckett family.

It was great to see Lawrence again and I promised him I’d stop by once in a while to see if he needed any help around the house. (My Mom loved that one, since I don’t do much at home.) But it was good to know that something I did could bring so much joy to other people. It really helps you realize that even the littlest things can make a big impact.

Afterwards my parents and I went to the same Coatesville diner we visited in March for some breakfast. We were there for about an hour, relaxing and feeling good about life when I got a call from my boss at Foot Locker telling me I was 30 minutes late for work. Yikes.



Posted: March 17, 2013 in Sports

Sorry for the lapse in posting to this blog. In September we lost my grandmother, Kathleen Graham, who everybody called “Mimi,” after a long, hard battle against cancer and I just couldn’t sit down and write for a while.

She lived with us since I was three, but I don’t remember a time when she didn’t live with us and she was truly my “other mother.” Mimi talked often about her days growing up in Manhattan and how she was the star of her CYO basketball team at St. Cecilia’s. Those were the days when girls only played half the court with the guards on the defensive side, the forwards on the offensive side and one rover who could cross the mid-court line. She said that even back in those days, CYO stood for “Crush Your Opponent” and remembered that the toughest and most physical game she ever played was against a bunch of girls studying to be nuns! My dad thinks  one or two of them might have taught him somewhere along the line.

God bless you, Mimi. I know you’re always with me on the basketball court.