Mike Griffith has been all about basketball since he got his first Fisher Price hoop for his third birthday. His love for the   game grew and he quickly understood that he had to work on his skills to overcome other kids’ height advantages. From third grade on, neighbors learned to set their clocks by the sound of Mike’s dribble drills every morning at 7 AM while he waited for the school bus.

One big disappointment came when he was the last kid cut from his CYO JV-A team in the fifth grade. Undeterred, he begged his father to drive him to New York where he could learn to play with the best in the playgrounds there. Living in a suburb of Philly made that impossible so his father did the next best thing and got him a tryout with “Reach One, Teach One” a well-known Philadelphia team that played in the PAL league as well as AAU with many of their games at the famed Happy Hollow gym in Germantown that was the stomping ground of many great players, including the legendary Wilt Chamberlain.

Mike quickly learned the “run and gun” Philly playground style of basketball in his two years with that team, always working on his shot, quickness and ball handling skills.                                                                                                                                                               .

A student of the game, Mike has had the opportunity to meet many  NBA players including Charles Barkley, Ray Allen, Jason Kidd, Shane Battier and Chris Webber. He has also been able to play with and against some of the country’s top high school players through PAL, AAU, camps and as a member of his CYO Varsity A team (yes he did make it) as well as his middle school and high school basketball teams.

A rising junior at Henderson High School in West Chester, PA, Mike also writes for the school newspaper, volunteers at Habitat for Humanity, and will be an intern this summer at NBC’s American Century Championship celebrity golf tournament in Lake Tahoe. He is also working this summer as a floor salesman at Foot Locker.


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